LYVON / Caballo de Picasso mit englischen Untertiteln

LYVON ein Lied gegen den Stierkampf

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I live in a country of witches,

of mills and ghosts.

I watch drawings of Goya

Walking in the bullrings

The horse in the Guernica,

His head weeping high,

Is spurred by a gloomy horseman

and the Guernica arouses.

And tears are falling over his drawing

and vomits of blood over this paper,

a sketch of men smiling.

If the “Picador” could see

to the wounded bull crying

when his lance reddens,

but it’s portrait and oblivion.

If this Spain wants bonfires,

saints‘ stories and swords,

I don´t live in the Middle Ages,

I will fight for other Spain.

Speared the bull trembles

in cold and loneliness.

Together with the sad horse

And crying they will die.

And they’ll fill with blood this drawing

and will urinate the paper with fear

a sketch of hands clapping

If the “Picador” wanted

This Picasso to calm down

of figures raising screams

from the puddles of blood.

If this Spain wants bishops

and torments in the bullrings,

I don’t live in the past,

I will fight for other Spain.

It is twelve o’clock at night.

silence in the old bullring

From the blood in the sand

Grows a blade of grass.

Now, ride in happiness,

horse of my sadness,

against this Spain of Goya

and the Guernica of its show.

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