Greyhound Rennindustrie in Großbritannien

Ein lukratives Geschäft mit der Schnelligkeit der Windhunde, ein Geschäft mit dem Tod, jährlich werden über 7000 Greyhounds ausgemustert und getötet.


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  1. Greytexploitations:

    Ireland, the largest breeder of greyhounds, receives EU funding to subsidise farmers who over breed and rear greyhounds as farmed livestock.

    In 2006 Ireland bred 34,544 greyhounds puppies.
    Only 23,618 were tattooed 4 months later and only 20,916 qualified to register to race in 2007.

    This calculates that 13,600 puppies did not even make it to the tracks and of those that did, a large number will have failed to make the grade and perform fast enough.

    13,600 puppies disposed of!
    13,600 puppies that the EU subsidised Ireland to breed!

    Please lobby the EU to stop the paying Ireland grants to subsidise the Irish racing industry.

    Thank you

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