Protest: Keine Stierkämpfe in China

Aus gegebenen Anlass, die Einführung der Stierkämpfe in China, anbei ein Protestbrief der portugisischen Tierrechtsorganisation: :: No More Crimes Without Punishment ::

Beitrag zum Thema:

Exportschlager Grausamkeit


Please ask the Chinese Government and the Beijing City Officials to deny authorization to the introduction of bullfighting into China – which the bullfighting industry is again trying to make happen

This is not a first attempt, but it is certainly a stronger one. A part of the Spanish bullfighting industry, lead by the matador Manolo Sanchéz, is, according to several sources, including the Spanish newspaper EL MUNDO (26 November de 2009), trying to introduce bullfighting in China, a plan which incorporates building a permanent bullring in Huairo-Beijing. These bullfighting promoters intend to organise at least 16 bullfights per year in Beijing, between June and September of each year.

As the bullfighting industry is in crisis in Europe and in Latin America – where the last nine countries in the world which still allow bullfighting are located –, which is resulting in severe economic difficulties for this bloody industry, mainly due to the intensive and continuously growing social and political opposition that this sadistic activity is experiencing all over the world, namely and especially in the very countries where it is based, many bullfighting promoters have been trying to export bullfighting to places in the world – such as China – where these have never existed, as a desperate way to save this evil business.

Having said this, ANIMAL, from Portugal, in conjunction and co-operation with CAS International, from the Netherlands, and with the League Against Cruel Sports, from the United Kingdom, asks you to please join us in calling the Chinese Government and the Beijing City Officials to deny authorization to the introduction of any temporary or permanent bullfighting activity in Beijing or anywhere else in China.


Dear Mr. President,

According to recent newspaper articles (including EL MUNDO, 26 November 2009), Spanish bullfighting promoters, lead by bullfighter Manolo Sánchez, have signed an agreement with the Chinese Government and Beijing city officials to create a “ganadería” (a farm to breed bulls for bullfights in China) and a bullring in Huairo-Beijing.

The shipment of bulls to China is scheduled for January and the bullring is said to be built by October 2010 and inaugurated with the performance of two bullfights. From 2011, Manolo Sánchez intends to organise 16 bullfights a year in Beijing – four each month (in June, July, August and September of each year).

With this message, I join ANIMAL, from Portugal, CAS International, from The Netherlands, and the League Against Cruel Sports, from the United Kingdom, in calling on you to take all the necessary steps to prevent these or any other bullfighting promoters from staining China with this gruesome activity. There are many important, respectable and beautiful manifestations of the Spanish and European culture that China can host with success and be praised for – but the evil and nowadays ruinous business of bullfighting is not one of them. Your successful hosting of the Olympic Games demonstrates how well China can host decent, respectable events without the need for animal suffering.

Contrary to what the bullfighting industry may want you to believe, bullfighting is no longer an important part of the Spanish culture. It reflects only a very small, archaic and cruel part of it, and Spanish people no longer see it as a reflection of values and culture of the present day. Spain has changed tremendously, as all countries have and today the cruelty towards animals, particularly bullfighting, is heavily criticized within Spanish society. Indeed, more than sixty municipalities in Spain have banned bullfighting and declared themselves anti-bullfighting cities, as have others in Portugal and France – the remaining two states of the European Union where bullfighting takes place. The Spanish region of Catalonia is expected to ban bullfighting completely in early 2010.

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