24th Dezember 2013

This Christmas We Share A Wish

From The Plataform La Tortura No Es Cultura we would like to thank each and everyone of you for your support to end institutional torture of bulls, cows and calves in Spain. And we would like to toast for a wish we all share: an animal cruelty-free world,  a world where violence finds no excuses, neither in race, gender, ideology, nor species. 

The work of all Spanish organizations, together with others from around the world, and the strength and support of countless activists and ordinary citizens  who have shared our campaings, has made possible important achievements for our cause. The government’s failure in releasing the law to declare bullfighting „Bien de Interés Cultural“ (which would have meant the return of bullfighting to Catalonia and its shielding in the rest of regions) has been key, having instead released a decaffeinated law of Cultural Patrimony,described as „a moral compensation“ by the media because it does not bind the regions to any compromise regarding bullfighting. On the other hand, Celebration of bullfighting events has dropped 50% in the last 5 years and bullfighting-rings flagship, the Plaza de Las Ventas in Madrid has lost 40,000 spectators in only one year. A fact that cannot be attributed only to the crisis, as the bullfighters claim, considering that in its turn, attendance to Spanish cinema has increased 37%.

Nevertheless, the challenges we still face are many, out of which two are a priority:

Firstto stop the flow of public funds to bullfighting, only reason why bullfighting still exists.

Secondto keep children away from bullfighting schools and events, which dishonours their natural empathy towards animals and teaches them that cruelty can have exceptions.

To achieve this, all organizations in Spain have united on a key project: The Antibullfighting Popular Legislative Initiative „Pan y Toros“, with which we wil,l by an overwhelming majority, end these unacceptable facts.
If you are an Spanish citizen, participe by signing as a fedatary here: www.panytoros.org . This will entitle you to gather signatures for this PLI. We shall inform you on when and how to do so on the right time.

The end of bullfighting is near and together will shall succeed.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2014 to All Beings on Earth!

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