5th Mai 2015

Internationales Anti-Stierkampf-Netzwerk geht in die Offensive

Heute schreibt die vereinigte, weltweite Tierrechtsbewegung Geschichte! Heute ist der Tag von allen und jeden von uns für die Tiere. ‪#‎RedInternacionalAntitauromaquia‬

Wer sind wir?
Das Internationale Anti-Stierkampf Netzwerk setzt sich zusammen aus mehr als 100 Organisationen aus Ländern wie Spanien, Portugal, Frankreich, Holland, Deutschland, Ecuador, Venezuela, USA, Großbritannien, Mexiko, Irland, Belgien, Peru und der Schweiz. Unter ihnen sind mehrere internationale Organisationen und Millionen von Mitgliedern und Sympathisanten. Das Netzwerk – RED INTERNACIONAL ANTITAUROMAQUIA / INTERNATIONAL ANTI-BULLFIGHTING NETWORK ist eine Organisation, deren Ziel das Ende des Stierkampfes ist! Gemeinsam sind wir stark!



The network gathers more than 100 animal protection organizations from around the world for the end of bullfighting in those countries where it is still legal 

Quito May 52015- The International Anti-bullfighting network, comprising more than 100 animal right organizations from different countries, made its world premiere in Ecuador.
The network is a global peace movement that seeks the eradication of the practice of bullfighting in all countries where it is still legal.
Their rallying cry is to respond to the enormous international and local social demand that urges removing the abuse and death of an innocent animal for entertainment bullfighting represents.
The objectives of the International Anti-bullfighging Network  are:

• Inform society about bullfighting by compiling the existing documentation on the activity in the different countries.
• Promote the creation of laws to make animal rights a reality, including for those used in public performances.
• Create a communication platform for all animal protection organizations working for the end of bullfighting.
• Share experiences of antibullfighting progress in the countries where this practice is still legal.
• Provide specialized counselling for the different member organizations.
• Spreading the global anti-bullfighting movement dimension to institutions and authorities.
• Eliminate any direct or indirect support of bullfighting with public resources by institutions and encourage the private sector to end the promotion and financing of this activity.
• Protect children from the physical and mental violence associated with bullfighting as it has been recommended the Child Rights Committee of the UN in its review of Portugal and Colombia.

In this sense, the Red rejects any act of violence, including that whose excuse is the abolition of bullfighting.
In parallel with this presentation the Forum “Anti-bullfighting International Experience” has taken place in Ecuador’s National Assembly. Animal protection organizations from Ecuador, Portugal, France, Holland, Spain, Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico have shared achievements of the anti-bullfighting movement in each of the countries where this activity is even legal.
These include:
• The growing rejection of society towards the cruelty of bullfighting, reflected in each and every one of the surveys conducted in these countries.
• The general decline in public assistance to bullfighting events. For example, according to a recent survey by Ipsos Mori in Spain only 7% of Spaniards go at least once a year to a bullfight.
• The National Association of Bullfighting Entrepreneurs” in Spain (ANOET) recently stated: „The world of bullfighting is bankrupt, the Fiesta is over.“
• In Spain the number of bullfights has declined in almost 50% since 2007 and cannot be attributed solely to the crisis, because other forms of entertainment such as cinema have increased. Source: Statistics Bullfighting Affairs 2009-13. Spanish Ministry of Culture.
• The abolition of bullfighting in Catalonia, becoming the second region in which this happens in Spain, after the Canary Islands
• Bullfighting has been banned in the states of Guerrero and Sonora in Mexico.
• Suspension of bullfighting in Bogotá, Colombia
• The majority of cantons in Ecuador voted to ban bullfighting.
• Existence of declared anti-bullfighting municipalities in all the countries where bullfighting takes place, totaling 126.
• Several regions of different countries have limited in different degree the age of access to bullfighting events, including Spain, Venezuela and Ecuador, a country where the minimum age is set at 16 years.
• For the first time in Venezuela a municipality has been declared as anti-bullfighting by its own mayor. This is the case of San Felipe, the epicenter of the main bullfighting stockbreeding in the country.
• In its recent report on Portugal (2014) and Colombia (2015) The Committee on the Rights of the Child of the UN has urged governments to protect children from „the physical and mental violence of bullfighting“. Organizations such as Amnesty International have reported that this recommendation is not being respected in the case of Portugal.
• The prestigious British travel association ABTA has called on companies like STA Travel to stop organizing trips to the Pamplona runs and to end promotion of bullfights among tourist.
• An increasing number of animal-prevention institutions have declared that bullfighting does not contribute to building a less violent society, but quite the opposite. For example, several associations fighting against abuse have positioned themselves against what they call „violence of species.“ Bogota Mayor Gustavo Petro said that „every show, culture, art about life is welcome, except for those built around the death of animals […] because it is a bad message for Colombian society where violence against animals and people are on the agenda. […] The end of bullfighting in Bogotá is an important lesson of peace, because there is no right to kill. “Likewise, the Ombudsman of Venezuela, Tarek William Saab said that the practice of bullfighting „totally attempts against human rights, because it can cause psychological harm to some people“
• European opposition to public subsidies to bullfighting is greater every year. In 2014, 323 MEPs were in favor of the end of European subsidies for bullfighting cattle, compared to 309 who were against.

The presentation of the network takes place in the debate on the Popular Legislative Initiative  which seeks to prohibit all kinds of bullfights and circuses with animals as well as dog fighting and rooster fighting in the Metropolitan District of Quito, in compliance with the decision proved popular in the national consultation of May 7, 2011.

Moreover, these days  the Ley Orgánica de Bienestar Animal (LOBA) [Ecuatorian organic Law on Animal protection (LOBA)] is being discussed. a citizen proposal that has been placed on the political arena the debate on animal rights; its principles intend to establish parameters for animal welfare based on five main areas: interrelated v, public health, rights of nature, animal welfare and good living.

The International Antibullfighting Network  expresses its full support for the approval of these initiatives created and promoted by organized Ecuadorian citizenship and stresses that violence of bullfighting is incompatible with the ethical progress of society that demands respect for nature and wildlife , and especially with the concept of „good living“ in harmony with nature against the „better“ from a purely anthropocentric viewpoint defending the 2008 Constitution of Ecuador.

„The creation of the International Antibullfighting Network seeks to eliminate torture and death of animals as an spectacle. „- Marta Esteban, president of the platform Torture is Not Culture in Spain and one of the spokesmen of the network. „In all the surveys performed in bullfighting countries the majority of citizens who oppose this practice is overwhelming. It is time for governments to stop favoring the small elite that still supports this cruel practice and listen to the voice of the people. “

„We also demand that the recommendation of the Committee on the Rights of the Child of the UN which urges governments to protect children from physical and mental violence of bullfighting is respected „declares Marius Kolff, director of the Dutch anti-bullfighting organization CAS International and one of the spokespersons of the Network- „It is unacceptable that children are being taught how to stab swords in the backs of baby calves  and that there are still young people and children injured and killed in the practice of  this activity.“



Marta Esteban, coordinator and spokesman for the network and President of the Platform Torture is Not Culture (Spain). marta@latorturanoescultura.org Tel: +34 606300906

Marius Kolff, coordinator and spokesman for the network and Director of the CAS International (Antitauromaquia Committee) Dutch organization. marius@cas-international.org Tel: +31 627023625
Sandro Zara, network spokesman and secretary of the Platform Torture is Not Culture sandrozara@gmail.com Tel: +34 637227966
Stephanie Pampín, network spokesman and head of communications for the Dutch organization CAS International. estefania@cas-international.org Tel: +31 646373805
Network spokesmen in different countries.
Colombia: Carlos Crespo caalsoya@gmail.com Tel: +57 3005516264
Ecuador: Felipe Oviedo Ogaz felipe@diabluma.org Tel: +59 3984686641
Venezuela: Roger Pacheco rogerp@animanaturalis.org Tel: +58 4141481605
Mexico: Lizbeth Muñoz antitauromaquiaslp@hotmail.com Tel: +52 444444477633
Spain: Marta Esteban marta@latorturanoescultura.com Tel: +34 606300906
Netherlands: Marius Kolff marius@cas-international.org Tel: +31 627023625
Peru: Rita Oyague ritaoyague@hotmail.com Tel: +511 997892966
Germany: Martina Szyszka ma2el@j-netz.de Tel: +49 1704873596
France: Katherine Bourliascos kbourliascos@aol.com
USA: Alexandra Rothlisberger arothlisberger@hsi.org
UK: Shely Brian sbryan@hsi.org

More information:

Facebook: Red Internacional Anti-Tauromaquia/International Anti-Bullfighting Network


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  1. 1 6. Mai 2015, Isabel schreibt:

    Bravooooooooo!!! Hoffe es geht endlich vorwärts mit der Abschaffung von so viel Leid. Nicht nur den Stieren gegenüber sondern auch den Menschen, die fähig sind sich in die Lage der auf brutalste Art massakrierten Stiere zu versetzen und deshalb mitleiden! Aber auch die kath. Kirche muss dazu gebracht werden, keine Subventionen von blutigen Benefizspektakeln anzunehmen und ihre Feste zu Ehren der Heiligen, ohne diese gewalttätige, schändliche Folter von Stieren abzuhalten.

  2. 2 15. Mai 2015, Dornia schreibt:

    Stierkampf ist Mord

  3. 3 6. August 2015, Silvia und meine Engel schreibt:

    Ohhh Gottlob..wenn das endlich.. endlich mal Zustande käme nach sooo langer Zeit…das wäre ja ein wunderbares Geschenk an die armen Stiere, eine Niederlage an die Mörder..und ein Multi tolles Geschenk an diejenigen, die jahrelang dafür gekämpft haben..das eben das mal die grosse Wirklichkeit werden darf…nicht daran zu denken wie daaas wäre…..und die Kirche sollte sich eh ja schämen aber nicht nur für das, ist ja nicht das einzige Kirchenproblem …gut gehöre ich einer anderen an….

    Hoffentlich darf man bald Jubeln…..

  4. 4 16. Juli 2016, deria schreibt:

    Ich würde mir wünschen diese sadistische Folter an Tieren wird endlich beendet.
    Wie können Menschen so grausam sein. Finaziert noch von einer primitiven, sadistischen Masse.Und die Kirche sollte sich endlich auch mal dafür einsetzen.

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